Uncommon to the core.

There is too much cynicism when it comes to parenting and educating young people, and really just living in general. Society’s current state of information overwhelm makes cynics of many, as the focus seems perpetually to be on failure, disaster, storm and scarcity. Sure, systems fail and storms ravage, and the resulting mess is the main event. But this is not true for people. People grow, develop, change and regenerate. Yes, humans do fail, but not so that the story ends at the failure.  The problem with cynicism is that it is hopelessness, it causes conformity, kills individuality, and stifles potential.  If anything, parenting and education of young minds is uniquely hopeful, limitless and individual: uncommon to the core.

This is a blog about dedication to the single, unique individual parent, child and the experience that won’t necessarily allign with accepted theories, religious standards, mainstream approaches, or common core ideas.  This blog comes out of my individual walk with my child, through the having, the nurturing, and on towards the releasing as we make our way through adolescence.  I had a day, early on in my parenting when I’d finally accepted that I would have one child and no more, when the question came to me: “How many days do I have with her”?  It required math.  18 x 365 (give or take the leaps) = 6,570.  This is not about the war every parent fights between life’s incompatible lures of career and kids.  This is about the individual experience, making the days count, and being the uncommon people we, and our children, truthfully are.


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